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Spring carnival--- nature inspiration and home decor


Spring carnival--- nature inspiration and home decor

With the fragrance of flowers, I have already felt the breath of spring, just at the door of our house. It is time to break the layers of the winter and start again from the inside out. With a new design of natural-style furniture, your home can be flowered in a relaxed and airy way, which will also motivate you to walk out and enjoy all the natural beauty of the spring decoration.

Where do you start? Let's start from the first rays of the sun through the window in the morning to see which spots in the room are full of spring.

Let's take a look at this BATASSEL VELVET DGREEN, which is reflected in the new shoots of the trees outside the window. The oncoming green makes us feel and blend into the spring. This dining chair is different from the round head backrest of the spoon chair. The flat head design is slightly curved, velvet fabric, with bronze spray off the shelf, super texture. And the color of the fabric is also very fresh, very suitable for the current season and the scene.

In a bright and airy way and the sweet atmosphere created by PINK, this SILVERLAKE VELVET RED is a relaxing and relaxing experience with the sweetness of spring.

Then take a look at this coffee table-KAUWHATA, which blends nicely with the flowers on the window sill. In fact, it has three sizes. You can use them separately for different scenes, such as sitting in the living room as a coffee table to entertain guests, or in the bedroom. When the table lamp is placed on the bedside table, the vase can also be placed on the balcony.

Everywhere is the smell of spring, even the FRANKFURT chair in front of the desk feels, the sun shines through the window into the study, leaving its shadow, the potted plants in front of the desk and the wheat leaves a touch of green

Remember to reduce the burden in other ways. Plant flowers or stroll around the park. The fresh air, the fragrant flowers and the sparkling reflection of the sun on the water are one of nature's most confident stress treatments. Spring garden can't hold, who can stop for it?

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