2019 Furniture trend

2019 Key Color &Trend

2019 Key Color&Trend

Pantone, the world's leading popular color forecasting agency, recently released the Fashion Trend Report for New York Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2019.

With red and orange colors the main colors, the most popular five colors are Fiesta, Jester Red, Turmeric, Living Coral and Pink Peacock. From a psychological point of view, this popular color represents confidence, excitement and happiness, and helps to better integrate high fashion and street style. We will interpret it from three major themes.
Looking for the same – the theme is easy to walk around the retail season, and the exquisite and natural pieces are layered to reveal a warm and pure charm.
Motivation - this versatile theme is perfect for different lifestyles and sports, balancing health and comfort with technological innovation, blending looseness and touch with self-cultivation and movement.
Being different - this theme is personal, bringing eye-catching patterns, contours and color schemes. Interpret self-confidence, even rebellious attitudes, and based on casual style.
Immersive color: The color combination of all touches can be composed of the same color, such as the combination of red, purple and yellow.

A festive orange red, Fiesta radiates energy, passion and excitement.
Adding depth and intensity, Jester Red combines rich elegance with urbanity.

The lavender of the genus Hydrangea has a cool sensation, and the sparkling metal makes this warm color vivid.


Brightening our day, sunny Aspen Gold stimulates our feelings of joy and cheering.
Vibrant colors such as powerful stone grey, golden yellow and glacier mint green, combined with dark-toned earth green, black and dark purple, create unexpected results.


The key to the color scheme under the different trend theme is the vivid primary color. The primary colors can be used alone or in combination with complementary colors. They are boldly and boldly expressed. The softer colors areLiving Coral and Terrarium Moss .Living Coral is an affable and animating shade whose golden undertone gives it a softer edge .Terrarium Moss is reminiscent of lush foliage and the natural beauty of nature, while the more used tones such as plywood, backyard brown, battleship ash and dark khaki, with the core colors of carpenter, military green and metallic ash, let People think of the environment of the hand workshop.

As environmental pollution becomes more and more serious, people's awareness of the protection of natural ecology is gradually strengthened. Focusing on nature and focusing on the harmonious relationship between man and nature will be a major trend. According to this situation, the original color of nature will continue to heat up in the autumn and winter of 19/20. Among them, the sand palm is particularly prominent in the natural color system to give a comfortable feeling. The use of this color system in furniture is more mature than in the past, and the fashion expression is still not to be underestimated, and it is also an indispensable key color in the next autumn and winter.


Sandy brown is a very earthy, typical color. It is the original color from the nature mountain range, highlighting the color of nature's restrained, deep temperament. Sand brown is also suitable as an auxiliary color on furniture.



2019 indigo blue strong return,such a beautiful blue, how can you let go! This accent chair,makes your room get to a next level.


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